Round Bottle Label Machine PSL130

Round Bottle Label Machine PSL130
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What You Get -Semi-Automatic Round Label Machine PSL130 -Easy to use controller -Lot Code Printer -2 Years Full cover warranty Specs Electrical source power AC110V, 50Hz, 150W Label size range Max: 120(W)*400(L)mm Min: 10(W)*30(L)mm  Round bottle size range Max: Φ125mm Min: Φ20mm Sticker label roll size Inner diameter: Φ75mm Outer diameter: Φ300mm Net weight 35KG/45KG(with coding device) Dimension 580*680*860mm(with coding device)

Round bottle labeling machine specializes in transparent labels, it is used for various glasses, plastic, and metal bottles’ labeling. The positioning is accurate, Comes with coding device, to code production date, valid date, products batch number, and other marks. This machine is controlled by intelligent controlling system, better designation. It is easy to use this machine.

Simply place container on rollers and the machine will do the rest.