Magnetic Induction Sealer PRO-20/80

Magnetic Induction Sealer PRO-20/80
Item# magnetic-induction-sealer-pro2080
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Magnetic Induction Sealer PRO-20/80 Main technical parameters Input power:AC220V10%, 50/60Hz Input current:<10A Output power:static state <2A, dynamic state <7A Working frequency:75-85KHz Output power:≤1800W Enclosure protection grade:IP21 Sealing diameter:Φ20mm~Φ80mm Height of the bottle:40~300mm Sealing speed:3-10m/min (electric stepless speed regulating) (Note: the speed differs according to the size and material of the sealing object. Using the polythene bottleΦ33mm,heightΦ38mm as the proof is 250p/min) Bearing load of the transportation station:≤20Kg Size:910 X 400 X 500mm Weight of the whole machine:60Kg