Jet-Pro 4x1000 Automatic Piston Fillers

Jet-Pro 4x1000 Automatic Piston Fillers
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What You Get Jet-Pro 4x1000ml Automatic Piston Filler (Fills From-100ml-1000ml) Each Head (Fills Liquids, Gel, Paste & Much More) (Fills 20-49 Per Min)Each Head -Smart Touch Screen control panel, Can customize automation. -Accuracy (+/-3%) -250L Removable SS Hopper with pump Inlet/Outlet -Stainless Steel Conveyor w/Speed control Infrared Gate system. -PSI filter and oil Regulator -Quick Clamps for fast clean up. -Flow Director Pro1 x 4 -Shut off nozzle attachment (W/Speed Control x 4) -Automatic Anti-Drip Tray -Removable nozzle tips x 4 -Siphon Hose Attachment x 4 -Key start, Emergency Stop -Easy, One Leaver fill level adjustment, with Fine adjustment dial. -Individual Station Speed Control -Reserve Air Tank -User Manual -Full Cover Warranty (All contact parts can be easily completely, disassembled for sanitation purposes)

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