Inkjet Printer

Inkjet Printer
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Inkjet Printer What you Get: -Inkjet Printer (110v or 220v) -Easy Set-Up. Touch Screen Controller -Ink Spray Head (with stand up mount & back support bracket.) -Object Sensor(With mount & support bracket. -Tools, Magnifying glass -1 x 16oz Blk ink last up to 1 year -5 x 32oz solvent last up to a year -User Manual Inkjet Printer can print text, lot, date, number, image on varies material surfaces, suitable for beverage, food, brewery, pharmaceutical, chemical, construction material, cable and wire, electronics and tobacco and many other industries. Inkjet Printer can be used as a single unit or can be synced with your current line, the unit can print at any angle. IMPORTANT! The object must be moving when is applicated.