Granular Pro-150

Granular Pro-150
Item# Granular-Pro151
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Main technical parameters: Packing speed: 10-25 / min making 600 bags / hour (depending on different materials and different loading weight) Scope of application: particles in general (tea, seeds, fruit, preserved fruit, grain and other chemical medicine, micro components such as general non viscous solid material, grain diameter 1.2mm-10mm) Dimensions: 38 x 32 x 52cm Electric making source: 110V ą 10% 50HZ Work rate: 15W Packing weight: 3-150G Packing precision: 0-0.3G (depending on the materials) Weight capacity: 10KG

Characteristic. 1: microcomputer can control, make packaging more precise and accurate, fast, fully automatic packaging process. 2: material contact parts are made of stainless steel material, no pollution material. 3: Double damping structure, smooth running, low noise. 4: small volume, light weight. 5: Minimal power, energy saving. 6: left oblique feeding, do not squeeze the damage material, packing is especially suitable for brittle materials. 7: packaging weight and number of packages display. 8: adjustable packaging Speed 9: Excess weight alarm. 10: stainless steel,